Chesapeake, Virginia

My wife got me this thing for Christmas. It is awesome!

I've been flying it non-stop since Christmas day. It takes a little bit of practice to get good at the controls, but that's part of the fun of it. It's not just a toy; it develops your flying skill over time. Got tired of flying in my back yard with all the trees, so I took it to a local farmer's field where I could really get some altitude.

It was windy, but I had it way up high with beautiful video and still footage. Brought it down, and it landed in one of the drainage ditches filled with water and SANK! I retrieved it, took it apart, dried it out, and it still works great! I am amazed!

One of the best gifts I ever received!! Now I'm trying to find extra batteries and charger to extend my fun. Can't seem to locate customer service anywhere, though.

But for the price, this thing is incredible!!! Anyone know where to get extra batteries for it?

Reason of review: Excellent quality and extremely fun product, but need more batteries!.

World Tech Toys Pros: Amazing quality of product.

World Tech Toys Cons: Cant seem to find any customer support.

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How long have you worked for WTT?


Hope you never have to get a part for it. Good Luck.


Just purchased two 3.7v 700mah batteries off Amazon for $14.00 and free shipping for this drone. This battery is supposed to give about 15 minutes or so of flight time and charge in half the time

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