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In 2018 I ordered this Hobbytron Raptor LCD screen GPS drone with live view and HD video camera RC drone.Order # h1222643. To date this drone hasn't flown yet, reason, no good batteries I have four of those batteries costing $100.00 each and they all want even charge. I have called at least 15 times with all kinds of excuses from busy, to he will call you back. I sent a certified letter to the CEO and the CFO, a battery was sent to me but it wasn't any good. This drone wasn't cheap it cost $500.00. Since no one else sell the battery I was a fool and in July of 2018 I ordered another battery for $99.00, well they sent a $29.00 battery charger, I tried calling them to tell them they screwed up my order, I sent them a copy of my original order stating it was a battery not a charger with serial number, those idiots never responded, I called but they always lied and stated busy, and someone would call but they never did.I've used pay pal for 20 years, so I contacted them , they signed a case # pp-007-241-696-641to it, they told me to send the charger back to them, send paypal a copy of the postal receipt and tracking #. Well paypal screwed me also, they did nothing but lied to me , closed my case four times after I kept calling them. The last time they said I had a solid case and they would replace the money for the battery and $8.00 it cost to ship the charger back. They did nothing, I was using pay pal on over 20 different plans for 20 years. I immediately cancelled pay pal, be aware if you ever need pay pal for help on a fraudulent order you may have the same result. I am now stuck with no battery after I paid for it, and the $8.00 that pal pal told me to mail the charger back. I have four other batteries that don't work, while I had the charger I tried it on the batteries but had the same result, no good batteries. The drone may as well be no good it hasn't flown, now the warranty is gone so if it isn't no good i'm screwed again. hobbytron is a fraud and the government should investigate that so called company. I will never use them again, nor will I ever use or recommend pay palto anyone.

My drone is now a $500.00 paper weight. If anyone now of a company that sell batteries for this drone ZX-33836 Raptor LCDRC drone please let me know.

Thanks for bringing this corrupt company hobbytron to light.

James Brooks

Product or Service Mentioned: World Tech Toys Zx-33884 Rc Quadcopter.

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I keep waiting for one of those things to fly over ; it looks like more fun than skeet shooting.


I would like to see the last seconds of the video it took when it gets blasted out of the air.


I have only used mine 5 or 6 times and put away for a couple of months. The battery is dead and when I plug in the charger, it doesn't power up. Can't find a listing for the charger...hmmmm.

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