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I purchased Nano Titan-x helicopter at the end of November from Evine after watching videos that state product is extremely durable. I bought the product because I have a broken wrist and wanted something to exercise my wrist when it began to heal (6 weeks in the future) it was a good price and so I excitedly bought it..

I didnt even open the box because I noted that it required 6 AA batteries which I didnt have anyway. It stayed at the top of my closet in the unopened box. I moved to a different house and pulled the box out last night. I bought the required batteries yesterday and thids morning, I excitedly opened the box.

I needed a flash light to see the on and off switch and charger mechanism as it is extremely tiny. i proceeded to charge the helicopter. After about 2 hours I pulled the charger plug out and turned the helicopter and the handset with the joysticks. I moved the right throttle up and down and ONLY the back blade of the helicopter spun.

I am on east coast time I couldnt speak with anyone for an hour. I moved the left joystick up and down and it did nothing. I tried the left joy stick and again, only the back blade spun. I tried to find instructions for this and there really wasnt anytihng that addressed this.

I moved the left joystick in a circle (it felt much looser than the right side.). I again moved the rigght throttle and only the back blades spun. When I moved the left throttle in a circle about the 3rd time, suddenly, the blades at the front top of the helicopter started spinning and the helicopter immediately took off and went forward into the wall and down to the floor. THe blades were still spinning.

So I picked it up and turned the handset off. I put the helicopter on the counter. I turned on the hand set from off to on, and the helicopter blades immediately started spinning and went off the counter and a little down and flew into the wall and hit the ground again (like the throttle was stuck). I waited an hour and called customer service(1877-498-8697 who immediately told me that since I bought it in December it was no longer warranted and she could send me some trouble shooting instructions to take it apart and reassemble it.

She said when it hit the wall, that I broke it and she would send me the trouble shooting manual. I said no way! It just came out of the box (I live alone and no one else has touched it) I asked what throttle ran which blades and I was told that the right throttle ran both back and front blades and the left was up and down. And I told her that the right throttle only turned on the rear blade, and that left throttle was kind of loose and when I moved it in a circle, the front blades started spinning FOR THE FIRST TIME and the helicopter immediately took off and hit the wall.

I explained that it was the FIRST time the product was out of the box. She said its not under warranty anymore. She transferred me to what she said was the EVINE representative (It sounded to me like I was speaking to EVINE) and she just basically said you broke it when you crashed it into the wall and you are past your warranty. I told her that when I watched it on the program and live videos, they show a man standing on it that it is VERY DURABLE.

and she said "well they didn't crash it into a wall did they? when you crashed it into the wall you broke it. I told her to cancel all my orders with EVINE (I have 3 orders in) and thats when she told me she was not with EVINE she was Evine World Tech customer service, and my item was out of warranty. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said she was the supervisor.

I asked if it was the corporate office I was speaking to and she said yes. I asked her name and she said her name is Sheena. I asked for the CEO's name so I could write him a letter, and she said we dont give that out. Is there anything else I can do for you?

I am beyond frustrated with the lack of willingness to acknowledge something isnt right, and perhaps there is someone who is quite familiar with the product and could walk me through a troubleshooting as I believe perhaps either the product is faulty or I am missing something in the operation.

I highly doubt that a first time crash into a wall 4 feet away at a height of 3 feet would annihilate this product. If so, then this product is a farce to begin with.

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